Hang Tags

When it comes to creating original hang tag designs, the sky is the limit! Hang tags can be creatively produced with customized shapes, materials, colors, finishes, thicknesses, folds, and much more.

If you own a clothing line or hand bag company and your goal is to sell your items in boutiques or department stores, then you should have hang tags to brand your products and give your company name recognition. Most department stores and boutiques will not buy your garments or items if they are not fully branded and tagged professionally.

Paper Card Stock Options

Our basic hang tags are on card stocks up to 18 point card stock (about twice the thickness of a standard business card). By having card stocks glued together, we can create much thicker hang tags.  Or we can use plastic materials to make sturdy, thick hang tags for variety of purposes.  For more customized and unique look we can produce your hang tags using recycled, textured, metallic foil, and wrinkled paper. 


We match PantoneTM colors for the ink, including metallic colors. We also have a wide variety of metallic foil prints that can be used.

Strings and Ribbons

String or ribbon attachment is an important element that enhances the look of your hang tags.  The material, length, width, and color of the strings are all customized to your preferences.  We also have a variety of strings in stock that you can select from.  Please ask for a free sample packet or discuss your needs with our sales rep.

Eyelets and Attachments

Many heavy duty or thick hang tags look better with a grommet or eyelet.  Depending on your choice, we have a wide selection of metal and paper eyelets that can fit your stylistic needs. Other attachments such as safety pins are available silver, gold, and black. Custom colors may be available.


Our default 18 point card stock hang tag comes with a semi-gloss varnish.  Depending on your needs, we can provide matte or high gloss varnish on whole or parts of your hang tag designs.

Shapes with Die Cut

Die cut shapes are completely customizable and can accommodate even the most intricate designs.

Emboss and Deboss 

Letters and logos can be embossed or debossed to achieve a stylistic and design-conscious look.